About Me

I'm a creative programmer, author & inventor, with experience dating back to the 80s and the days of the ZX Spectrum and Sam Coupé.

My career has been unconventional. Programming through college and 20s, I then took a 7 year detour into biology, completing a PhD in Immunology & Bioinformatics. During my post-doc I rediscovered by passion for programming and left academia to work as a Python engineer, progressing to Senior Engineer & Team Lead with web-service startup.

I started writing down what I had learnt and discovered I had a natural skill for explaining complex things in a way that made them easy for people to understand. Python tutorials turned into Python books & courses, building a successful business providing training in Python GUI programming.

Somewhere in there I rediscovered my childhood love of electronics and robotics I created a workshop and started tinkering. That's where I spend my free time.

Martin & Emilia

Originally from the UK I now live in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. It's really nice, you should live there too. If you have an interesting project you would like to discuss please feel free to email me at martin@mfitzp.com