Mozzarella Ashbadger
Build your own tabbed web browser with PyQt5

Now we've learnt the basics, we'll put it into practice building a real-life app. In this course we'll create a functional web browser using Qt5 widgets. Starting with the basics and then gradually extending it to add features like opening and saving pages, help, printing and tabbed browsing. Follow the tutorial step by step to create your own app, but feel free to experiment as you go.

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Mozzarella Ashbadger

Mozzerella Ashbadger video

The first steps building the browser with PyQt5

Adding navigational controls to a PyQt5 Web Browser video video

Hook up QAction signals to web browser slots

Open and save HTML in a PyQt5 browser video video

Adding file dialogs to load and save HTML

Adding application Help and About dialogs video video

Put some finishing touches to your application

Tabbed web browsing video video

Use signal redirection to add a multi-tab interface

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