Building Intuitive & Maintainable User Interfaces for Python Applications.

Is your PyQt project stuck or collapsing under it's own weight?

When you start building real applications with PyQt you can run into problems. Application structures that are confusing, or difficult to maintain; signals and external services that are impacting your performance.

I've been using PyQt for 10 years and have encountered — and fixed — the exact same issues you're facing now.

Working with your code I'll identify issues and suggest fixes with a complete code review. These can range from bugs and usability issues to questions of architecture and maintainability. Focus is tailored to your project & needs.

It's not helpful to dump fixed code on you, you need to understand it. For any change I'll walk you through the why and make sure you really get it. That way you can apply the same knowledge to your own future projects.

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Base rates are $120/hr or €100/hr.

P.S. You can also see more of what I do at Python GUIs