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Using MicroPython and uploading libraries on Raspberry Pi Pico
Using rshell to upload custom code
SAM Coupé SCREEN$ Converter
Interrupt optimizing image converter
micro:bit Space Invaders
MicroPython retro game in just 25 pixels
Is it getting better yet?
An optimistic visual guide to the Coronavirus pandemic
Etch-a-Snap Plotter
From drawing instructions to motor movements.
Etch-a-Snap Drawing
Converting the image to a line drawing
Etch-a-Snap Image Processing
Preparing the image to plot
Etch-a-Snap Etch-A-Snap
The Raspberry Pi powered Etch-A-Sketch camera
Gyroscopic 3D wireframe cube
Using a 3-axis gyro for live 3D perspective
3-axis Accelerometer-Gyro
Measuring acceleration and orientation with an MPU6050
Dictionary Views & Set Operations
Working with dictionary view objects
3D wireframe cube with MicroPython
Basic 3D model rotation and projection
Displaying images on OLED screens
Using 1-bpp images in MicroPython
A rather long guide to Python's key:value hash type
Driving I2C OLED displays with MicroPython
I2C monochrome displays with SSD1306
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