Contribute your expertise

Love doing interesting things with code and helping others learn how to do it themselves? Me too, we should work together!

Whether you want to write complete tutorials, share Python tips or create walk-throughs of how to build cool things, I'd love to work with you.

What's in it for you?

Writing is difficult, writing well even more so. It's important to me that I make it worth your while to contribute & to support you to make sure you enjoy doing it.

That means, currently --

  • $50 for each article published on the site
  • a 50% share for any books, courses or memberships (12 months) bought within 30 days of landing on articles you've written
  • Your articles on a popular site, with links back to your own website or social media
  • Help editing and proofing your articles to make them as good as they can be -- English not your first language? Don't worry, I got this!
  • Suggested article ideas and guidance on popular subjects which will be a success

The author share remains in place forever, meaning your articles will continue to earn you income long after you've written them. If you write particularly popular articles you can build quite a decent residual income. For example -

  • Each video course costs $29, which will net you around $13.
  • Supporter subscriptions are $72/year, which will net you around $30 in the first year.

Current contributors are making $35-$225 / month.

Sounds good? Get in touch! I'm friendly and happy to answer any questions.