Martin Fitzpatrick

Is it getting better yet?

An optimistic visual guide to the Coronavirus pandemic

PyQt5 / Packaging PyQt5 apps with fbs

Distribute cross-platform GUI applications with the fman Build System

Gyroscopic 3D wireframe cube

Using a 3-axis gyro for live 3D perspective

3-axis Accelerometer-Gyro

Measuring acceleration and orientation with an MPU6050

Dictionary Views & Set Operations

Working with dictionary view objects


An rather long guide to Python's key:value hash type

PyQt5 / Creating your first app with PyQt

The first step in building your own software.

QtWebEngineWidgets, the new browser API in PyQt 5.6

Simplified page model and asynchronous methods

15 Minute Apps / NSAViewer

Webcam viewer & photo booth in Python, using PyQt

Have you checked under your sofa lately?

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